The staff of NuVoice Solutions work collectively to meet the needs of our clients. Our focus is to provide exceptional customer service to our clients during the process of solving wireless needs. Together we have over 75 years of customer service experience which include 40 years in the communication sector.

Sam Donovan is a research specialist with ten year’s experience in the communications industry.  She has a background in information services. Her areas of expertise include analyzing viable solutions pertinent to wireless services, gathering information on the changes within the wireless industry and comparing service plans offered by national cell phone providers. Every business is unique and Sam’s diligence will find a solution to meet your business needs.

Lil Rankin is co-owner of a small transportation business and has observed the changes in cell phones and calling plans since 1995. Her experience includes staffing, budgets and what it takes to remain competitive in a changing market. Lilly’s knowledge of tools to manage fleet deployment, dispatch work force and monitor mileage can help you improve staff efficiency. In her capacity of consultant, Lilly focuses on long term objectives and the road of success.

Nan Tait has a degree and fifteen year’s background in information sciences and database administration. She utilizes her organizational and time management skills to successfully find solutions through persistence. Nan’s knowledge of the communications industry, business intelligence and customer service skills will save you time in order to focus on your business.

Sue Waddington has over 20 years experience in the communications field. As an office manager she is well versed on meeting client needs, the fundamentals of small business operations and the unexpected challenges that confront many business owners. Sue’s niche is verifying facts and presenting data in an easy to read format.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What services are offered by NuVoice Solutions?

- Review of current cell phone bill to determine potential savings.

- Comparison of services offered by other wireless carriers with current provider.

- Determining the cost saving measures and/or alternative solutions to reduce monthly bill.


2. Will my wireless carrier be contacted?

Yes.  Calls will be placed to obtain information on current plans or promotions.


3. Do I need to provide the security information to my account?

To maintain the integrity of your mobile services, security information will not be requested.


4. How long will it take to receive a report?

A complete review of wireless communications will be returned within 48 hours.


5. How do I pay for these services?

To ensure your payment information remains secure, payments can be made via PayPal using Visa or Mastercard.


For further inquiries, please use our contact form.


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