Issam Shahid
Graphic Artist





"I have hired Issam for a few graphic art designs and he's amazing! He has always been able to meet the requirements when I asked him to do something specific. However, he is also extremely creative and he can take a basic concept--such as a book cover--and turn it into an eye-catching design."

April Trent
Radio Announcer and Operations Director at WGTH


"Issam and I were students together in a variety of Graphic Communications courses at Baker College in Clinton Township, MI. No matter what creative subject a class focused on, Issam was always among the top of the class with his projects. To call Issam creative simply does not do him justice. Issam's ability to conceptualize an idea and turn it into reality is simply fantastic. The quality of his work and attention to detail was extremely impressive to me. His ability to learn new software and processes in a short amount of time is definately worth noting as well.

In fact, there were many qualities about Issam which left a positive impression on me, but perhaps the most important of these was his attitude. I had always known him to maintain a positive, up-beat attitude complimented by a great sense of humor - even in times of stress. Issam is a very talented individual, and I had witnessed him displaying a great work ethic and strong sense of design and creativity throughout the course of our education. I am glad that I had an opportunity to have shared classes with him, and suspect that no matter where life takes him, success will follow."

Gary Path
Marketing Specialist at BTM Corporation

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